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Friday, August 13, 2010

Who said White is Boring??

I just discovered a  brilliant interior designer, whom I think will be my favorite for a long time!  Her name is Tine Kjeldsen, from Denmark.  Her creations are a mix of different styles,  (I won't call it eclectic.)  and not confined to a particular look.  Such talent to be able to put together lovely pieces of different texture  and yet complement each other!  It's contemporary, clean, and organic!  It's WHITE but nothing close to boring!  It would be a shame not to share this with you.  This is her HOME...Enjoy!

The two black round thingy on the wall are old baking sheets used as blackboards now. 
How creative is that? 

This is the dining room.  I love the contrast of the white table next to the bamboo chairs.  Very organic!  The chairs look like Filipino pieces, right?  I won't be surprised if they come from here.  Tine owns a store  with outlets around Europe, Japan and Philadelphia, USA.  When I was reading about her store, I started to miss KAYU (home store in Eastwood I used to co-own with 4 other friends.)!  Been thinking of putting up another home ware shop soon!  Calling Annette and Aura! 

I don't mind having this for my study!

Another play on texture and color...brown leather handles on wooden cabinets. 
Such a delight to work in this kitchen!

Can you tell this is a bathroom counter at first glance? 

What do height, texture and a bit of color bring??
Understated elegance!

White on white...I was never a fan of an all-white interior.   But this one I like!  It's modern, but not spartan-white.  It's organic, but not country-white.  The whole thing just spells
L-O-V-E-L-I-N-E-S-S !

Hope this brings inspiration to your weekend!

Beautiful photos credit here.


  1. white is beautiful!!! are you a mind-reader irene? i love all the stuff you put here and white interiors has always been an all-time favorite for me. i am salivating over the pictures---cool, refreshing and stylish white! :)

  2. I really love White irene..It's clean and serene and you will never go messed with different furnitures for it looks organized and clean in white. I would prefer a house in this kind of theme. Nice piece. Relaxing! I have revived my blog that I already missed blogging...Happy Birthday again !!! =D


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