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Friday, August 6, 2010

My School Bag

In my third post, I said I missed Singapore.  There's another thing I miss about Singapore...the time I spent in school.  Two years ago, I went to a design school to pursue my love for interior design.  Unfortunately, we had to move back to Manila, and I was not able to complete the two year course.  Now that we're all settled, the house is finished,  I'm thinking if I should finish the course here in Manila.

My black, big and heavy schoolbag which contains all my sketch pads, rulers, pens, etc.  And the small "manicurista" kit that houses my paint and brushes.

The first residential plan i made, the stick figure at the right was my inspiration-model.  That's why the lay out of the house has very sharp, unpredictable and irregular shapes.   

More rulers!

I love these water-based paint!  So easy to use for amateurs like me!  The drawing where the bottle sits on was my first colored 3D drawing!  Now I'm not sure if I can still draw and paint like that! 
Yesterday, I was just looking at my wonderful supplies.  It was nice to look back and remember all the fond memories it brings.  More than the school, the paint, sketches and plans, I miss my classmates.  It was such a small, dynamic and multi-cultural class.  Three of the eight (including myself) didnt' get to finish for personal reasons while the five, I recently heard graduated last June!  Congratulations!  Hope you get to read this!

In one of our class party..
(L-R  Brendon, our very young teacher, James, Adrianne, ME, Anne Marie, Maude, May, Ashraf and Ahmed)

My two girlfriends, Maude and Anne Marie.
We were fondly regarded as the "aunties"  (how Singaporeans call the older ladies) of the group!  Hahaha!!


  1. irene, go for it! there are a lot of good id schools in manila, i am sure they would love to have you. :)

  2. Thank you for the encouragement Aurs!

  3. go for it, ate irene!!! WE SUPPORT!!!!!

  4. Will check PSID soon Anna! :-)

  5. you're like the Sarah Richardson of the Philippines, I Love It!!!!!

  6. Hey thanks! I'm flattered. Would take a while longer to get there.. :-) Hope you can visit often!


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