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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Story of the Birdies...or is it our Story???


I just love these birdies!!  They've been with the family ever since.  From our first country-themed home, they were in the garden, perched on a country birdhouse (that birdhouse didn't live as long as the birds though.).  Then they travelled with us to Jakarta  and became a fixture by the outdoor jacuzzi, together with the other Balinese garden decor. 

After 3 1/2 years, they tweeted their way back to Manila and again found their home on this stone grinder, which I turned to a water feature.  Birds love to bathe, right?   (Photo above with Bianca in her Indonesian outfit for UN day in school.)  Three years in Manila and they never left this fountain; until it was time to pack again. 

The family moved to Singapore and  they were nestled by the master's bedroom terrace.  There was even a time when they had a real birdie neighbor who found a home on the tree by the terrace.  We actually witnessed the building of nest, hatching of the eggs, up until the birds' first flight out of the nest!  It was an amazing experience for the family!  (Actual photo above... sorry it's not so clear, it was taken from a mobile phone cam.) After 4 years in Singapore, Ferdie was again called back to Manila.  Our ever loyal birdies were temporarily put into storage, while waiting for our new house to be built. 

Now here they are, their color is faded, legs are rusty, but they still hold on happily to each other.  And that other little guy there?.. He is just as content as the first time we got him!  Maybe this time they will be living in our garden for a longer time.  As for the family, we are just like these three birdies, always happy and contented, wherever we are.  But nobody really knows what awaits the family in the next years to come.  But one thing for sure, these three little birdies will fly with us wherever we go!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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