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Friday, August 27, 2010

Modern and loving it!

Years, years ago, my first take on design and decorating was achieved with a country look for our first home after getting married.   Then after living in Indonesia, I became a huge fan of Asian tropical.  Who does not fall in love with teak wood and anything Balinese?  Then I started to be fond of the laid-back, all-white, feminine interiors.  And in between I fancied vintage too!  And I thought it will stay that way for sometime.  But I was wrong... just this week, it looks like modern has taken center stage!  I love the clean lines.  With modern look, various shapes and texture seem to marry together and create a striking but subtle elegance.  Now Iwonder how long i will be on this phase.  For the meantime, here are some of my finds.   Enjoy and I should be posting more photos of this kind soon!  Happy weekend!

Glass, steel, wood and different on it's own but put together, it's seamless!

Love that pattern on the carpet!

Sharp , defined, clean lines from the walls, to the stairs, to the table!  Love it!

Exposed beams, polished concrete floors and an exceptional ceiling treatment.  PERFECTION!

Travertine, travertine and a stand alone bath...what else would you need?  And oh, did you notice the very sleek fixtures?

Photos via mulimrahman

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  1. love the stairs irene! the polished concrete floors and everything else...:) your modern is so clean and sleek, without sacrificing the coziness and homey feel...makes me want to build a new house!


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