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Monday, August 2, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

I am lucky to have friends who know exactly what to give me as presents...things that are not just decorative but serve other purpose as well.  These pieces have become a favorite collection of mine!  They can't seem to have a permanent place around the house.  They just keep moving around.  Last Friday, we hosted a dinner for Ferdie's colleague who is transferring to another assignment.  Guess what?  My Asian-Oriental collection found another use...they became a centerpiece!  Take a look at the tablescape...


Candleholder at the front was a gift from my badminton group in Singapore. 
Love the gold and blue handpaint design!  The green (jade stone) one is a personal purchase from a furniture shop in Singapore.  

Lacquered Burmese lunchbox from my best friend Jing, who used to live in Myanmar.  She said monks in Myanmar parade in the streets every morning, carrying these lunchboxes to store their solicited food.

Bowls given by my Catechism students in Singapore as a farewell gift.  It is a 6-pc set, consisting of 3 green bowls and 3 yellow bowls.  These Peranakan (referring to the first Chinese settlers in Malaysia) bowls are very charming with the handpainted, embossed little flowers on it.  It even came in a nice vintage Peranakan red box (maybe I'll post a photo of it next time.)!  Even prettier with the little "Quiapo" flowerettes in it; which I start growing in the garden.

This opium pot is not a gift but a personal purchase from Hanoi, Vietnam in one of my trips with Ferdie.  With such a stylish opium pot, you would feel like smoking.  Won't you?

Chinese button knot napkin holders.  You can't go wrong with this simple and elegant table accessory!  I bought it from one of the quaint home store in Singapore.  I only got 6 pieces, I should have gotten a dozen!

So there goes my Asian-Oriental inspired dinner!  I wonder what I could whip up for the next dinner?  Maybe I should start looking around the house for inspiration!

Have a good week!



  1. beautiful vintage decor irene!! i can definitely feel the asian vibe...

  2. hi irene, nice to meet you in blog land! looks like you have a great new thing going here! you've got talent!

    :) o charm

  3. O charm, nice of you to drop by! more power and thank you for the inspiration!


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