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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Homework Please!

Rapha cut this out, planning to send it as an attachment to a letter to his school's headmaster. (I wonder if he will actually do it?!)

"Yay!!!  Hooray for no homework!"  These were the words of Raphael, my son, when he read the article on "Stolen Childhood:  The case against too much homework."  (Philippine Star August 22)  We read the article together and in between, Rapha would close his fist and say "Yes..that's right!"

My heart breaks every time I need to remind Rapha to do his homework, especially on weekends.  I hear whining, shrieking, stomping, I see rolling eyes, and all of Rapha's crazy facial contortions!  Sometimes he looks like he's having an epileptic attack!  Coming from an international school, my children were used to a "No homework policy on weekends."  But having chosen to send them to a traditional school now, I do not have a choice but remind (more of nag I guess!) them always to do their homework.  Sometimes I wonder if things would be better if my children are still with international school.  Is it going to be more quiet at home?  Are they going to be more well rounded?  Will they be better global citizen?  But then again; I know, I see and I meet a lot of fine Filipinos who are graduates of the same school where my son goes and I cannot help but admire, how good people they have become.   And then I just have to believe that we made the right choice in sending him to his current school.

As parents, we only want the best for our children.  And most of the time, the road that leads to being  the best requires sacrifice and discipline.  And I take it on myself to do the things that the school cannot teach, but the home can nurture.  Homework is never a favorite in our home, but my kids know that it is something that needs to be done as responsible students and at the end of it, they know that playing and relaxing is equally valued in our home.  I can only pray and hope that they find balance of work and play with our family movie nights, game nights and lazy Sundays.  And oh, not to forget our bedtime reading time, junk food day, one-on-one dates, pillow fights ...and the list goes on with the 'must do' as a family.  And this time, I'm glad to hear no complaints!

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  1. I read that article too! And I hear that feedback a LOT from other parents who send their son to the same school. Oh no. But then you have to think of where to send them for college - so you invest in that school as early as now. But poor little boys! (Am getting worried already Ate Irene as we are 80% certain we want to enroll Laz there when he's bigger!!!)


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