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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mama Moment: Heartbreaker?

First step, first tooth, first word...there's a lot of "firsts" that we wait for and celebrate with our family.  Aren't' we always happy to witness them?  But little did I know that there are also "firsts" that I am not looking forward too.  If you have a teenage child, you might know what I mean.  I didn't know it will come by this early...yes, my little girl broke someone's heart!  She's just 15, I thought she did the right thing.  

I know times are different now when it comes to getting into a relationship.  There's just too much pressure from friends; and kids nowadays are always rushing, most of the time, failing to make wise decisions.  I am just glad and proud that my little girl knows what's best for her.  But I feel for the boy too, I know he only has the purest intentions.  Oh well...we cannot stop these things from happening.  I don't know how I'd cope  if it's my kids' who will be heart broken. Oh dear God...please prepare me for that time.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Treasured Letters...

Bundle of letters from Papa Ben...

Dear Lord,

As you welcome and receive Papa Ben, please tell him that we already miss him.  I never got the chance to write him back.  Tell him I treasure his letters so dearly, especially the one he wrote me before Ferdie and I got married.  Tell him I am so touched and felt so loved every time I received a letter from him; more so, for the letters he sent Bianca and Raphael and even my parents.  Please hug Papa Ben for me, dear Lord.  And I thank you for you not making him experience pain; he was so peaceful when he left.  Thank you, dear Lord, for keeping him under your wings, giving him your comfort and love.  We are saddened with our loss, but we are also happy to know that he is at peace now...with You. Thank you, dear Lord.


My father-in-law, Papa Ben passed away last Wednesday.  Rest in peace, Papa Ben...
My in-laws visited us while we were posted in Singapore.
With Bianca in a resto in Singapore...(Bianca cried the most!)

I would love to hear your thoughts!
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I've posted about Xmas balls here and as I look around my house today, I noticed aside from the balls, I've got quite a number of trees as a glimpse of what I've collected all these years. 

The two standing trees in the living and dining room.

Some are old pieces that has become the family's favorite while others were gifts from  friends and family.  They may be of different color and material, but each one finds a perfect nook around the house.  I have favorites but I love them all!  How about you?  Do you like decorating with trees also?

I would love to hear your thoughts!
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Xmas Tree decors as centerpiece

Last Saturday, I hosted 10 Juliana's (our home address) first Xmas dinner for 2011.  It was for my girlfriends whom I worked with in the same company before.  Until 4 pm of Saturday, I was looking for an inspiration for the table setting.  I was starting to panic, the guests will be arriving in about two hours and table is not yet made and I still need to prepare pasta and salad!  I wanted it to be glamorous, festive and dramatic but I didn't want to spend for new decors.  

So I went looking around the house and found the black hanging screens  that we sell at i.m.home.  Thought it will be a great anchor for the table setting.  But still, nothing ON the table.  As I was putting out the plates, chargers, etc, I found purple napkins...BANG!  That created the black, gold and purple theme!  And where else can I get purple stuff?  I got lots from my jewel-toned tree!    I got my majestic bird, balls, baubles, beads and mini tree.  I think it turned out nice!  It was glamorous, festive and dramatic! I was happy and I finished just in time :-)

So next time you are setting the table, look around your house first before buying new ones.  Don't be limited with candles and flowers.  Now good luck to me for the balance Xmas dinners!  I hope I don't run out of inspirations!

I would love to hear your thoughts!
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Xmas Balls...

More balls... but this time it's my yummy cheese ball!  I thought I won't be doing it this year but it's hard to refuse friends who have made my cheese ball part of their Xmas dinner spread; while some graciously give them as presents to special friends and family.  And of course there are new friends who just discovered my cheese ball.  So how can I say  no, right?  So together with the help, we are again busy chopping, mixing, moulding and wrapping!  Just like last year!   So there you have it, it's not a decor scene for this post, but I still consider this a Xmas vignette in Casa Insigne!  (This is the third, so 17 more to come!)

I would love to hear your thoughts!
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Of Balls & Cones

Wooden Javanese teak bowl by the small Xmas tree.

 An old Oriental basket holds my gold balls and cones by the foyer.

All the carved golden balls goes to this pretty wooden urn in my powder room.

This is how I display my previous years' collection of Xmas balls and cones.  They don't actually belong to the same color group but they look nice when stuffed in a basket or bowl, just the same.  How about you?  What do you do with your previous Xmas decor collection?  Maybe you can replicate this...I'm sure we all have those extra baskets lying around! ;-)

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

20 'til 25

'Tis the time to be happy!!  Just like a child, I am always excited when Christmas comes!  Last week, amidst the busy schedule, I was able to squeeze in two days to set up the Xmas tree and all the other decors that come with it.  Thought I'll share with you 20 Xmas vignettes around my home...So here's the first...
This is the same tree as last year.  Jewel-toned trimmings and ribbons adorn the tree.  On the foreground is our home made Advent wreath.  It's been a tradition for the last 5 years to make our own wreath as a family.  This is a good bonding time for the family and a tradition that is worth passing on to the children.  If you'd like to make your own wreath next year, you can check here for the tutorial.  

So how about you?  Have you set up your tree?  Would be nice to see yours!

I would love to hear your thoughts!
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