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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretty Finds

This is my current favorite!
A wooden ring with an encased batik fabric.
Chunky, square, red, Philippine-made.
Very unique!
Unfortunately, it's not mine...
I got it for Bianca (from a quaint store in Cubao!)
And she's loving it!

Here's another pretty piece!
Twisted and twined copper with rose quartz
And other semi-precious stones.
Chunky, gold and hand made!
Adds character to a simple tshirt-jeans outfit!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. ate irene! i just now checked your new blog! i love it! family of bloggers talaga! heeheehee! i shall link you!!!!

  2. Hey Anna! Thanks! You're one of my inspiration, I wish your briliiance and wit in writing will rub off to me! :-) (kahit konti lang!)


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