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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Doors, doors, and more doors!

DOORS, doors, dOoRs...
some are big, some are small
some are red, some are green
come take a look at what kind of doors
i have made
'tis the door
that lets you in
welcome to the tour
i begin...

we leave our shoes
that's what we're used to
they go inside here
in their own special place...

i dare not leave this door behind
it's been with us since Jakarta time
come in if you need
to take a leak

friends and family
are all welcome
this door will lead you
to your room

the favorite handle
goes to the favorite person
of the family
take a peek at yaya bel's room!

these are the doors
that keep precious trinkets, secrets and treasure
of one of our angels...
can you guess who?

books, trains, planes and cars
that's what you'll see
when you go through this door
need i say more?

the biggest and grandest of all
that's what Bianca would call
to ferdie and me, it's simply doors
these doors keep all the plans, the dreams
and joy our family brings

No two doors are the same in our house.  Each one has a unique wooden handle, handpicked and designed by me!  We are blessed to have found all these beautiful wood, they don't come by easily these days, you know. 

hope you enjoyed looking at our doors
come over and knock anytime soon!



  1. love your unique and creative doors!! the wood is lovely and full of character...and a different door for every room is such a great idea. wish i could do that for my next house...:)

  2. Come home and let's start working on your house! Let's play with colors!...hint! hint! :-)


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