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Monday, August 9, 2010

A Bit of Styling: Bathrooms

Today, I thought I'll let you peek at a couple of rooms in my house, and share with you some simple touch ups to spice up those little corners in your own home, that are sometimes neglected. 

The guest bathroom -- as it is, the counter looks good already because of the hard-wearing block of wood.   Clean and simple.  But I still feel it lacks the warmth I want my guests to feel when they use it.  So I added some greens to make it look and feel warmer.    And it made a difference!

I didn't even have to spend on anything.  I found those greens about to be thrown away by my neighbor who just trimmed his plants.  At night time, candles are necessary to complete the warm,cozy feel of the powder room!

Next is our master's bathroom. We have a his and her sink, so there's really space to fill up on the counter.  If my husband will have his way, this is the perfect counter for him.  Clean, uncluttered, with just a potted plant at the corner.  But for me, it lacks personality.  It can be any one's bathroom.  So, scroll down and see how our counter really looks like.

A bamboo tray in the middle holds the aroma sticks, a bowl of hand towels and a starfish tealight holder made out of bone.  Now that feels homey!


This tray is pretty and functional at the same time.  It's something that I change from time to time, depending on my mood.  It can be a group of candles, rolled towels, my Chinese hanger of accessories, or maybe a jar of collected shells.  I'm sure you also have your own stash of little bits and pieces you can use to spice up your bathroom.  You only need a bit of imagination to make a personal space look appealing and inviting.  I hope I was able to inspire you to do a bit of your own styling.   Have fun!  :-)
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  1. irene, what a coincidence---before i read your blog, i cut some leaves from my overgrown plants and arranged them in vases for our living room! the greens really made a big difference...and joey and i were just talking about your lovely master's bath, we can live there! :) keep your styling tips coming, they are so helpful and inspiring...

  2. Thank you aurs!Send me photos of your house. I'll write about it. I'm planning to do an "Up close and Personal" entry every so often...i want to feature houses of friends and family that I know will bring inspiration to readers.


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