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Thursday, August 26, 2010

MUJI Manila by September!

Muji is one big eye candy!  While living in Singapore, I would visit this store once in a while, without any list on hand.  I would always end up getting something because the merchandise speaks to you and you begin to create a need.  "Oh, I need this extra small retractable eraser when drafting...and I should get this container which I can use when travelling..and these little pouches are sooo cute..and so on..."  And how can you go wrong with their personal care items, stationery and specialty food items?  But one thing that I like the most is the clean, fresh look of the store!  I can stay in that store for hours!  I always take home bits of inspiration with their interior and merchandise.  Now I'm just glad that it will be accessible again...can't wait!  Another reason to go to Bonifacio High Street!

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  1. I love Muji, Ate Irene! I wonder if the Manila store will carry their clothes as well (durn burn, now everyone will have Muji). Muji in High Street and Cibo in Eastwood - yehey, umaasenso na tayo lol!


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