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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Wifey Moment

Taken on our 10th year Anniversary.  Bohol.

Hello everyone!  How was your weekend?  Don't we all wish we have more 4-day weekends in the calendar?  And whether the weekend is longer than usual, it still doesn't seem enough, right?  Ours was spent simply at home...gardening, cleaning, sorting, watching TV and DVDs and lots of cuddling (loving as Rapha calls it!).  

And just at this very moment, I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful, healthy family.  And even more blessed for having a loving husband!  It's not our anniversary nor are we celebrating any special occasion.  I just felt writing about it.   I have a few of my Mama Moments posts here, here, and here.   So why not make a wifey moment post, right?  I know it sounds cheesy but what the's a good feeling and I want to share it.  So expect posts on my feat, adventure, journey (whatever you call it!) of being a wife in the future!  

For a starter...Just like in the hotel, I have my own turn down service every night!   No fail, every night, I lie down on a bed with the duvet folded just high enough to pull if I need to cover up, two pillows on my head and the bolster, placed perfectly where my legs rest.  And of course, the roller shade at the windows and sliding doors are rolled down, and aircon turned on, during hot days.  I'm not sure when this "turn down service"  started.  I think when I got pregnant the first time?    And it's been going on for 15 years!  Now, tell me, how many husbands do that for their wifey, every single night?  Truly I am blessed!  

Our teak bed...13 years old and counting!
Any wifey moments, you'd like to share?  I would love to hear your thoughts!
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Craving: Chocolates

I was having a quiet afternoon, all by myself in the study when craving for chocolate suddenly kicked it.  What to do?  It's a standing rule in our house not to keep chocolates in the pantry.  But I was determined to satisfy my craving so I went down and rummaged the pantry for whatever food morsel I can find to substitute for chocolates.  And look what I found!  A pack of chips ahoy!  It's not close to a chunk of dark chocolate that I'm dreaming of, but it will do.  Yay!  And it was really meant for me...there was only one cookie left!  I thought that was the best Chips ahoy cookie ever!  Cravings...check!!  :-)

What are you craving today?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The King of Crafts strikes again!

This is too cute not to share!  Do you remember my artsy fartsy Angel Raphael?  Click here and here to refresh your memory.  He's the recycle guy in the family.   Wrappers, boxes, paper, foil, sticks, caps, etc, name it, he has everything saved for his endless projects.  Last weekend, my boy was busy making these cool sunglasses.  

Can you guess what it's made of?  They're corrugated cardboard!  And you know what's cooler?  He brought it last week to school and a number of boys like it and placed an order.  So he didn't waste anytime and proceeded to work.  But the coolest part is, he is selling them  and 100% of proceeds will go to his class' Bigay Puso, a charity program that his school supports.  This year, the beneficiary of his grade level are the children of inmates.  It warmed my heart to see his excitement in making his glasses and he can't wait to count how much he can contribute to his class' piggy bank!  He is now thinking of other projects he can do to help raise funds for Bigay Puso.  

Packaged and ready for delivery!

Rapha's friends said his glasses can pass as Lady Gaga's accessories!  What do you think?? :-)

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Monday, August 22, 2011

And I Turned One.

Hello!  Hello!  I know I'm like writing to myself now.  It's been a month and 8 days to be exact, since I last posted here.  So maybe 40andbeyond is already lost in the blogsphere!  Oh excuses, just plain laziness!  And add some forgetfulness!  I just realized today that my blog anniversary just went by, without me remembering it!  40andbeyond came out July 28, 2010.  So that makes the blog one year old!  So, it doesn't really matter if I'm religious with my posts or not, days go by, and blog gets old each day, and hopefully the second year will be more consistent.  I just have to put my little inspiration up there.  It's the same photo on my very first blog.  The very same thing that inspired me to start this blog.  So if you're still there, join me as I (again!) try to be more consistent with my posts!  :-)  You'll give me one more chance, won't you??

And by the way, did you notice my new background?  My kids keep telling me that my blog page is so boring, all white.  Of course, kids love color!  But those two angels of mine are my best and worst critiques, so I gave in and changed it.  Hope you like it.  I'm not really a blue person, so let's see how long it will stay that way. ;-0

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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