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Friday, October 1, 2010

It's A Frame Up

Do you remember my post on My Long Over Due Project?  Well...I have not really finished it (or should I say start?) but I've taken the first step!   That should be  good enough!  I have been craving for a nice cork board (which will go to my study, so it's still within the project, right?!) but I can't find something that pleases my eyes.  Most stationery shops sell cork sheets framed on pine wood or aluminum.  It reminds me of a school bulletin board...that's not what I want.  My vision of a cork board for my study is gold framed, fabric lined and medium sized.  Something that would be inspiring, even without anything posted on it yet.  And since I cannot find one anywhere, I took the plunge to do one myself!  My very first DIY!

I did not want to spend too much for this project so I went to the attic and looked for my needed materials.  I found these...three old frames...Perfect!

Since I found three frames, I decided to make one for me, one for Bianca and one for Rapha.  So I went out to get fabric (Fabric Warehouse) and these is what I got.  Can you tell which one goes to whom?  
I got some cork sheet (Office Warehouse) and cut it according to the size of the frame.  I used the existing frame backing as pattern. I also bought a can of acrylic epoxy spray paint (Handyman).  Then I set to work.
I have a confession.  I cannot take all the credit for this project.  I have to admit I got a little help from Yaya Bel.  :-) She did the sanding of the two frames.
After sanding, I spray painted the two frames using an acrylic epoxy paint.  I chose gold for Bianca's and my frame.   And the black frame which is in perfect condition, remains as is for Rapha's board.

While waiting for the paint to dry, I proceeded to work on the cork and fabric.  I used my ever reliable, all purpose Elmer spray adhesive to stick the cork on the backing, and the fabric on the cork.

To make sure the paint is dry enough, I let the frames rest overnight.  The next day, it was assembly time...almost there!

 And here's the final product...Tadaaa!!!

Rapha's cork board now hangs above his study desk. And here's Bianca's...

Bianca's board is hung below her mirror.   Can you see why I chose this fabric?  The print is very much like her wall decal, mirror and chandelier shape.  Colors that dominate her room are black and purple, so gold was a nice accent for this young lady's room. 

And my very own zebra print cork board...
 Sitting on my desk; unfortunately, the wall behind it is still plain and white.  I really want wall paper, but hubby is still not sold on the idea of wall paper.  He said maybe colored paint is safer than a printed wall paper.  So in the meantime, I will just have to enjoy this new print that I have.  Bold, catchy, gold...just like how I wanted it to be!  
So what do you think?  Did i pass in my first DIY project? I feel like scouring in the linen closet and looking for pastel, vintage fabrics I can use for next project...maybe I can make some for special friends. Christmas is near, so maybe that would be a good idea.  How about you dear readers?  Do you have any project in mind?  

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