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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Countdown to 40!

Oh my!  I just realized the Big 40 is coming sooner than I thought...14 days to be exact!  Can I please have balloons like these for my party?  Ferdie, I hope you're reading this post! ;-)

 I know some people who keeps a "Must Do List Before I Turn 30 or 40.."  Now it gets me thinking, am I suppose to have one also?  Because honestly, I don't have one.  Well, I took a mental note of some things, do they count?  I thought it would be nice ...

(1)  To start a blog before I turn 40, so that's a check.  That's why my blog is called 40andbeyond...
(2)  To be healthier and slimmer, actually this one is in my to do list ever since the world began.  So maybe that does not count? Right? :-)
(3)  To design and build my house.  that's a check!
(4)  To go to Egypt.  No rush really, I'll be happy just the same, even after my 40th.  So doesn't count again!
(4) To get involved with UNICEF.  For some reason, I've always wanted to work for UNICEF since I was in HS.

So, that's five things already.  You see I'm really simple and shallow.  I live by the day, I'm not really a big planner.  And for me, what really matters is what I am able to do EVERYDAY not what I must do or achieve before I turn 40. Everyday is special and these are the daily things that really matter to me ...

(1)  Setting up a lovely home for my family .  
(2)  Preparing healthy, good meals for the family.  
(3)  Playing badminton and walking after dinner with hubby.
(4)  Helping my kids with their homework.
(5)  Listening to my kids anytime they need to talk about their good (or bad!) day at school.  
(6)  Reminding my kids to pray before going to bed.
(7)  Reminding my kids to love the Philippines, no matter what other people say.
(8)  Reminding my kids to love Mother Nature in their own little way.
(9)  Giving lots of kisses and hugs to hubby and kids.
(10)  Praising and thanking God for all his everyday blessings, big and small. 

You must be thinking, Such cliche!  I do think the same way too.  But then I remember my dear Tita Beth who told me once that women's vocation is either to be a nun or to be a wife and mother (that includes working moms!).  And don't get me wrong, I admire women who choose to be single and are very self sufficient.  I am just privileged to be a wife and mother.  I might as well be good on being one right?  I'm smiling right now, because I'm just plain happy and content.  (Told you I'm  shallow!)  So big checklist, just a daily dose of love for people who really matter to me.  The reasons why I need to celebrate  and continue to remain healthy and happy, as I reach 40 and beyond.  Now can I please have this cake?

 Life is too short.  Let's keep it simple and not worry about so many things.  Believe me, you only need your two hands to count the things that really matter to you!  Happy weekend my dear readers and don't forget to count your blessings!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Irene

    I just love your outlook...It's so positive, invigorating and yes inspiring for a lot of women who are working so hard in raising a family.

    It's awesome!



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