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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All Set for Halloween

Over the weekend, Rapha and I decorated the house with Halloween stuff.  It's Rapha's favorite time of the year (it signals also that our Birthdays are coming soon!), next to Christmas.  He gets excited putting out the decors and planning his costume.  This year, we made do with the past year's decors and made a little bit of craft.  Take a peek...

Rapha did all the outdoor decorating.  If you want to do a bit of craft, like the bats on our door, you can get a template from here.  It's really easy.   You can use any color of construction paper you want and hang or stick them in whatever way you want.  I stuck my bats on the door like one flock of bats going to one direction.  
By the gate...
Inside the house...Just a few oranges and blacks here and there, and a group of candle holders.
Now we just need to prepare candies for trick or treat!  

And the weekend was capped with a dinner of roast chicken & young corn, and fresh green salad topped with water melon and grapes with Asian dressing.  Yum!

On a side note, I mentioned in my previous post  that I will be giving away a pretty water plant.  There was no taker for my pretty little thing..boohoo...but it's alright, at least I still get to keep it.  Will share more about that project on a separate post.  

Now, if you have not started your Halloween preps, especially those of you who have young kids, better get going now.  (I don't know any kid who does not like Halloween.)  There's only few days left 'til the 31st!  Then we will all be busy with Christmas!  Yay! 

I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Irene! I love love love how intricate you are with home decor! Hopefully when Jago & I get a house I can apply your decors! :D Jackie

  2. Hey jackie! Thanks. Would be glad to help you decorate anytime. I just learned now that you have a blog. Will link it to mine. :-)

  3. love your decor irene! we just decorated our house too, it was mostly marg and nina who did it this time. we will miss you this halloween, will send pictures!!


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