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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday Hysteria

how else are we to spend this friday 
but to go trick or treating 
with the kids?!  
so off we go, rapha as an American Indian
and bianca....
well she's in that stage already that dressing up 
is not so cool anymore
discovery hotel is our destination
where a buffet of kiddie food awaits us
Bianca and I were too full to partake
but Rapha can't have enough
of burger, chicken lollies, pasta and cookies
then it was time to visit the main attraction...
the horror house
it was actually scary but look at my kids...
all smile at the camera
then the trick or treating begins
we crossed to podium mall
and went around the stores, for a treat or two
after 3 bags of candies
some balloon twisting
a tattoo and magic show
we decided to head home
as rapha can't wait to sort out
his loot!
i shall enjoy halloween as long as i can
i used to have two kids to dress up
now i only have one
i dread for the time to come
when my little boy 
would say "halloween is for babies"
i wish it will never come...

happy halloween everyone!

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  1. missed this one... bawi ako sa anvaya!


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