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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yikes! No Help!

I dreaded for this week to come!  My ever reliable, super efficient Yaya Bel (house help) is off  to a two-week vacation.  It's been years since she took a vacation while kids are in school.  We would always schedule her holiday during kids' summer.  But slowly, I'm trying to let go.  Kids are bigger and older now, very independent and I'd like to believe we can actually survive without a househelp.

Yaya Bel with Bianca and Rapha at our Singapore home, Xmas 2008

So, starting yesterday, and the next two weeks to come, I need to be up by 445 am to prepare breakfast and lunch (to go) for kids.  Quite an adjustment with my body clock but I've managed to be on time for the first two days!  Yay!  Kids love my breakfast and their lunch.  And I love the notes I put in their lunch boxes.  It's not a bad week, after all.  We will manage (am I convincing myself??) without her.  But of course we will all be happy and jumping when she gets back!  She's family, after all!

Wish me luck for the next two weeks!  Have a good Wednesday!

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