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Monday, October 4, 2010

Vintage Bling

My grandmother, Lola Au-au (Aurora) lived with us while I was growing up.  And I would fondly remember how she loves jewelries!  She has all sorts...necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings, brooches, etc...  I can still vividly imagine how she would carefully lay each one of them on a white towel, with a bowl of soapy water and a toothbrush.  She would then clean her collection, brushing each piece meticulously and then drying them with a very soft cloth.  She does it all by herself and I will not leave her side until she finish cleaning the very last one; until she is satisfied with the shine, luster and sparkle .  My eyes would glow with excitement and I will always ask her permission first If I can touch them or try them on.  I love the feel of the cold jade bangles on my arms.  I would try on the long necklaces with big pendants like cameo, ivory and crosses and it would sway up to my tummy.  But the pieces I love the most were Lola's rings!  The big chunky ones!  At that time it felt so big on my little fingers.  Among all her pieces of jewelry, I will always remember that one ring that is shaped quite like a very thin rhombus, set with little diamonds or "diamante and brillante" as Lola would call them.  If I remember right, she calls it 'lanzadera.'  It's a Spanish term which means 'shuttle'.  It looks something like this, but thinner and with smaller stones, set very close to each other.  

This is a vintage pair of rhinestone earrings that my very good friend, Aura gave me as an advance birthday present.  When I  saw it, I was instantly transported back in time, I remember my Lola and the fun times we shared together while I was growing up.  Oh how I miss her!   Thank you Aura, not just for the beautiful earrings, but for the memories that the ring brings! 

For me, my personal vintage jewelry pieces do not only bring back good memories but when put side by side by some of the things I like, they look like they're the source of inspiration.  

Top:  An art deco-designed rug, side by side with a Lisner vintage gold earrings.  Look at the similarity on the pattern.
Middle:  Faux Lucite leopard print earrings with gold trimmings, side by side with a tablescape I did for a farewell party, some months ago.  Can you see the bold and the gold on both photos?
Bottom:  An inspiring all-white study corner side by side with dangling faux pearls set in gold.  Both dainty and white!

Vintage jewelries...I just love them!  How about you?  What are your sources of inspiration?  Would love to hear from you!
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  1. no wonder you love vintage! lola made such a big influence on you. and it has such an influence on your desing style too... you're most welcome irene! and guess what, i am opening an online store at etsy, will let you know as soon as i have it set up! :)


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