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Monday, September 6, 2010

My Long Over Due Project

I am totally feeling the guilt of procrastinating!  If there's one project at home that has been a victim of my laziness and indecisiveness, it's the study.  When the house was being made, I purposely left the study to be bare, as I still cannot decide on how to make it my most special corner of the house.  I wanted so many things and my design theme just kept on changing by the day.  One time, i just felt it was soo bare, so I decided to put on some of the Ikea frame stickers I was supposed to put in my daughter's bedroom.  ( I know it's a bit tacky!) But I thought It should at least cover some of the the blank white wall, temporarily.  Unfortunately, the "temporary" filler I put up dragged to a permanent fixture for the past five months!  Wish me luck as I attempt (again!) to work on this overdue project!

I want wall paper. I'm liking this collection from here.  I can't decide though if I like a palette of green or blue. My chair is upholstered in light blue with swirls of brown velvet brocade so I'm leaning towards blue.  But the green is so refreshing and nice too!

Photos via Amy Butler

I've always wanted a huge inspiration board like this, but frames in gold with the cork covered in fabric.
I found this ruffle-edge cork board from here.

And I think I will have more shelves made, maybe something like this..
This photo from here. I guess I found the colors that will tie everything, gold and black.  Now I'm excited!  I can't promise though that I can finish this project fast.  Hopefully I won't lose the momentum.  Have a good week ahead!


  1. i like the greens.... but the blues are cool too, and with gold, wow!! the framed shelves are such a good idea. can your contractor do something like that? go for your dream study irene!! i know it's been years in the making in your creative mind..:)

  2. You know me so well Aurs! Hopefully I'll have my green (or turquoise?) home office before the year ends! haha!!


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