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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mama Moment

"Ma, I don't think you have any sins."  Raphael quipped after we took our confession.
  "Yeah, Ma, what do you confess?"  Bianca asked.
  If we were not in the Church, 
I would laugh my heart out.
I did not realize that in my children's  eyes, 
I am perfect and sinless.  
Because in my eyes, 
They are the ones who are pure and naive.  
They are my angels
I cherish that moment, their innocence is just purely heart warming. 

As Catholic parents, the important thing we need to impart to our children is to yearn for God's love and to grow up to be God-fearing.  It is a joy and an accomplishment for me when I see and hear my children pray, when they go to Confession without prodding, or when they listen attentively at Mass.  This one definitely goes to my Mama's score card.  Although there is still a lot of teaching and parenting to do, I'd like to believe we're on track.  Help me dear God...

My angels during their first Holy Communion.  Bianca in 2004 and Raphael in 2009.

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