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Friday, October 22, 2010

Up Close and Personal

If you like decorating houses like me, you probably have an innate desire to constantly look at other people's houses.  Don't you just love to pry on other people's home?  I think it is human nature to get curious and pick on someone's life, fashion and their houses.  What do you think?  Or is it just me? :-) Today I am attempting to start a once a month post that will feature houses of people I personally know.  People who have kindly allowed me to share with you... up close, their personal space.  

Without further ado, let me present to you the very first

Up Close and Personal

The very welcoming living room, simple and tastefully accessorized!

An all-Filipino vignette by the staircase.  

The modern kitchen, with the bamboo bowls and ladder lending warmth to an otherwise bare kitchen.

Square dining table that was positioned at an angle.  Aura's clever way of making the space more interesting.

Round Dedon chair by the side patio.  A very cozy area for a mid-day refuge for a busy mom.  Or a chill-out place for the girls.  Perfect also for the man of the house to unwind after a busy day at work.   I always sat here when I visited them last time. :-)

Wall Art.  No school project or artwork is thrown away.  Each of the girl's work is proudly stuck on the wall of the study or by the stair landing.  Who needs wall paper and paint, when you have your own in-house artists?  The bird and vine decal looks perfect, side-by-side by their book shelf (not in photo though.).

It's all in the details.  Who would have thought that cut pine wood will look good (and smell good too!) as a decor?  I told you, Aura is good.  She has the "eye!"  These antique Cambodian lamps complete the look of their Dedon chair by the side patio.  Proudly Filipino...sungka and Ostrich eggs (from an Ostrich farm here in the Philippines).  

More Filipino pieces...rainsticks, baskets, Ostrich lamp from Firma, Wooden, mini rice Gods from Baguio and a lovely wooden, studded box on the coffee table. 

This very first post on Up Close and Personal  is the house of a very dear, dear  friend, Aura Antonio.  Her family lives in a semi-detached house in Singapore.  Aura and Joey are blessed with three beautiful girls.  During their stay in Singapore, they have lived and moved to four houses and this one is their latest one.  (Mind you, all other three houses were meticulously decorated too, even if they knew that they will not stay there for long!) 

I definitely admire Aura's decorating skills, as she is able to transform all their houses into such beautiful, homey nests for her family.  Her houses are the kind of homes that you would not mind hanging around, because it's like a big eye candy, and yet very warm and comfy.   One thing I love with her style is the presence of Filipino pieces and accessories.  She has bits and pieces around her house that are proudly Philippine made.  Also, in my opinion, she is the best decorator for children's bedrooms!  Each room complements the personality of each of her daughter.   Take a look and be the judge! 

This is the eldest (Bianca, yes, our first born have the same name!) daughter's room.  Aura and Bianca did the stripe painting by themselves and Bianca painted that cute lamp post by her photo board.  Can you see that little cute baby dress, hanging by the bookshelf?  And how organize can you get with that Ikea scarf holder used for Bianca's sunglasses collection?  Yes, Bianca is a collector, an organized collector!   

This is Margi's room.  The middle daughter who is gifted with a golden voice.  She loves to sing, and she sings really well!  You will have goosebumps listening to her!  And her wall decal and cork board are so in sync with her personality and talent.  I love also the swing at the corner which houses her stuff toys.  A pretty room for an even prettier girl!

And this is Nina's room.  The youngest among the three.  This little gymnast is still very playful and has a huge collection of toys which are neatly displayed in her room.  Pretty, fanciful and whimsical, that's how her room is!  I'm sure all little girls will gravitate towards this room because she has all the pretty stuff every little girl can dream of!  
So what do you think?  Very lovely home right?  And the family is even lovelier!  Thank you Aurs for sharing your home with 40andbeyondbyirene.  I'm very sure you inspired a lot of the readers.  I have a reason to go back to Singapore to take photos of your master's bedroom and bath.  I missed that last time! :-)

To my dear friends, don't be surprised if you see me knocking on your doors soon...your home might just be the next one on Up Close and Personal !

I would love to hear your thoughts.
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  1. Hi Irene! This is Hazel, Aura's sister-in-law. My daughter Arielle met you before in Singapore. Very nice blog! Thanks for featuring Aura's beautiful house. It's just like being there!

  2. Hi Irene thanks for stopping by my blog, I too am very new at this. Love up close and personal fabulous feature, what gorgeous little girls rooms


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