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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hooray for Life at Home

A trip to Singapore will not be complete without a visit to Ikea!  A week ago, Ferdie and I had the chance to quickly drop by Ikea and got some Ikea essentials and a couple of things for our Angel Bianca.  I say essentials because I promised I will not shop for anything that I don't need!  It was so tempting.  But I did it... I was a good girl!

Ikea at Alexandra  *  Kids' favorite cookie crisps  *  I missed you daim cake!

1  Tea towels -- this new fabric will definitely add color to my kitchen!
2  Tealights, big and small -- can't have enough of these votives.
3  Paper napkins and muffin liners -- don't you just love the prints?
4 & 5 -- Mirror and alarm clock for Bianca's room

2011 Catalogue:  Hooray for life at home!  
Got to have the newest catalogue.  My oldest collection of the catalogue dates back to 1999!  I have seen how this catalogue became smaller and shorter every year!

While my taste in design and decor have evolved over the years, my love and need for Ikea has remained constant all these years.  Ikea stuff is just so practical and affordable!  Although there are distributors now in Manila, shopping inside the Ikea store is still a different experience altogether, not to forget the comfort food we have learned to love in their cafe.  After Muji, I hope Ikea will be next!  Is that a wishful thinking?  I really think Manila is ready for Ikea!  Don't you think?

While we are on the topic of Ikea, come visit Ikea Family Live.  It's an inspiring website that showcases real people, real families in their real Ikea homes.  I'm sure you will love it!  Check it now and get tons of ideas and inspirations! Hooray for Saturday!  And as the 2011 Ikea catalogue says...Hooray for Life at Home!

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