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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mama Moment

I'm feeling kind of sad this Thursday, knowing that I will not be with my two angels  for the next three days.  Hubby and I will be attending the wedding of a very good friend, who is based in Singapore.  So kids will be on their own with yaya Bel and Nikola who will spend the weekend with them.  I'm missing them already, but it seems like they will have a fun, long weekend with their aunt and visits from Lolo and Lola.  Raphael's thinking already of the DVDs that they will watch!  The bright side of the trip though, is a short getaway with hubby!  It would be fun to see again our friends in Singapore!  Yay! It's couple time!

My reminders on the glass board in the kitchen.

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  1. i am sure they will be fine. wow going back to sing is a good thing, right? whose wedding... i wish i went back this soon too! enjoy irene


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