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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Cool To Recycle!

In our home, we seriously practice the 3 Rs... Recycle, Reuse and Reduce.  We keep several bins and  sort out recyclables from bio degradable.  We use recycled paper when printing.  To reduce usage of plastic bags, we use big, sack bags for grocery shopping.  Daily coffee ground is used as fertilizer.  And all other containers, materials, etc. go to Raphael's craft box.  His imagination is boundless and even pistachio shells are creatively used for his crafts.  Yes, he is the Artsy-Fartsy King of Recycle in our home!  As a family, we take these baby steps in promoting the 3 Rs, in the hope that in our own small way, we are able to do our share in taking care of Mother Nature.

My only sister, Nikola has taken a step further.  Together with four other friends they took up the challenge to come up with a fresh, innovative and profitable business.  But the remarkable thing is they chose to creatively transform the humble bottle caps into something fashionable.  Today, dear readers, I proudly share with you...

This is the business that Nikola together with her friends put up for their Business class in school.  The name is derived from the word 'tanzan,' which is the Filipino term for bottle cap, plus 'ssories,' short for accessories.  Now how cool is that?!  Here's a glimpse of some of their products.  

Cool pendants!  You can choose from their gazillion designs or customize your own!  They can even put your own photo. Each piece comes with a colored chain of your choice.

Rings galore!  So hip!  Love the chunkiness!  More new pieces coming soon...key chains, cell phone charms, magnets, brooches and a lot more!

My daughter Bianca's favorites!  
Audrey Hepburn on a bottle cap, isn't that just soo HIP??

Some of the bottlecaps they use from soda, beer, energy drink, etc.  Whether local or imported, every bottle cap becomes fab!

In one of their bazaars...Pat, Mianne, Derrick, Abby and my cute little sister  Nikola.
The movers of TANZESSORIES..all junior students of De LaSalle University, taking up BS Entrepreneurship.  Way to go guys!  I'm so proud of you!  Incidentally, they will be representing their school this Saturday  at the National Capital Region Competition of Young Entrepreneurs!  Win or lose, you are already champions in your own right!  You are going to make a niche in the Filipino business world!  Good luck!!!

If you think this is cool and would like to get "TANZESSORIZED", contact my dear sister. (This is not a paid advertisement... just too cool not to share!) :-)

Nikola Aurora Vega
ENTcycler, DLSU
0916-6763407 *
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  1. congratulations nikola! your products are really cool, the kids at SAS love it and they want to have more!! :)


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