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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Green and Turquoise

As a newbie in blogging, there are times when ideas just keep popping on my head and countless inspirations are drafted one after the other to be shared to my readers.  But there are also times when I just stare at my computer screen, and can't seem to decide on what to blog about.   Times like this, I would turn to magazines, books and blogs to be  inspired and get in the zone of blogging.  One of my favorite is PDB (Pepper Design Blog).  Morgan of PDB has captured the interest of women like me who loves decorating, entertaining, organizing, plus bits of crafting!  She is just a year old in blogging, and yet her blogspace looks very professional!  Please visit her, I'm sure you will be a fan too!

Morgan has kindly agreed for me to share with you some of her posts.  Right now, I'm into doing my home office, and I'm loving the color green (and turquoise!).  Look at these nice images from PDB! 

Images above from PDB

I am not a big fan of country homes, but I would not mind staying in these beautiful cottage, themed in green and turquoise!



Photo credits here.

Go here for more images of this eco-friendly cottage make over.  Happy Wednesday!

I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Thanks so much for the feature, Irene! Beautiful turquoise inspiration images, too! Have a lovely Wednesday!

  2. You're welcome Morgan! I'm happy you accommodated my request. Enjoy balance of your week!


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