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Monday, October 22, 2012

Repurposing Kitchen Stuff

Do you sometimes just buy something even when you don't need (yet!) it or don't know where to use it?  I am guilty of that.  I buy unnecessary things, as long as they're pretty and make me smile  :)  Here are some proof of my thoughtless buying but are now actually serving a purpose!  Yay!

(1)  ceramic pink mug with fleur de lis holds pen and markers  (2)  lacquered bamboo  tray keeps everything organized  (3) vintage depression glass saucer  (remember my post about it here?) holds a couple of washi tape  (4)  mini ceramic planter with legs keeps all the USB and security devices  (5)  egg cups (so pretty!)  holds paper clips and push pins  (6) ceramic dish tray keeps post its, paper clips and stapler (hidden behind post its)  (7) baby blue vintage milk jug (love the bird detail!) holds pencils  (8)  toast holder holds mini memo pads

They're not unnecessary after all!  Right?  They're pretty and purposeful!   :)  And mind you, these stuff are really cheap!

I'm loving how I started my study revamp.  Remember the first time I said I will tackle the study project here?  I  think that was two years ago!  I know, I keep the record on the worst procrastinator!'s never too late.  I did some repainting on the wall , some bleaching on the furniture, etc..  I still need to redress my study chairs but I'm getting there.  Promise to share with you my "new" study soon!  For the meantime, go and check out your kitchen and do some repurposing, upcycling of your   collection!

Have a good week ahead!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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