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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Bit of Styling: Trays

When I checked the stats of my blog, some of the most popular posts were those on "A Bit of Styling..".  The one on cake stands being number one.  I'd like to think I am able to effectively share some inspirations and ideas on how to do a bit of styling, using things that you already have at home.   :)   So today,  I thought I'll share another styling idea...  TRAYS!  I have a long time affair with trays.  Just like plates, cake stands, lamps and bed linens, I can't seem to have enough of them.  I'm actually not sure how many I have but one thing for sure, I get to use all of them.  I'm that kind of collector who actually uses her collection, instead of keeping them  locked in the shelves. 

Take a peek at some corners of my home...

This lacquer tray was from Myanmar.  A gift from my BFF.  It has retired from serving, and now this orange tray keeps some of the coffee table books and a mini mahjong set neatly stacked together on the coffee table.  

Now, this breakfast tray...its been used for it's purpose during birthdays, father/mother's day or when someone is sick in the family.  So it's not very often that we get to use it, so I thought why not make it into a side table?  And the height fits perfectly with my favorite chair!

This one was originally a sand tray, you know that thingy that comes with a stick-like rake that you use to create patterns on the sand?  It kinda calms you down, very therapeutic!    Over time, the sand disappeared so I thought it would be nice to keep my collection of cow bone decors.  And the emperor couple actually looks happy on it!:)  Together with them is an old opium jar and two bells (yup they're bells!)

A lacquer tray from Vietnam holds an Iris plant and some coasters on the dining table.

This one is not really a tray but an Indonesian wooden scoop for measuring rice.  Holds fruits on the kitchen counter and sometimes  I also use it to hold pillar candles!

Three more Vietnam finds...
An eggshell lacquered tray (actually its called a spathe) to hold keys and mail at the foyer.

A ceramic blue and white plate with rattan trimmings on the side holds my pretty white hand towels (from Petit Blanc!..go check our FB site!)

And an irregularly shaped (bent!) bamboo tray is used to hold bathroom essentials.  I used a vase to hold the toothbrushes and a sugar container holds the cotton pads/swabs.  

There are still un-photographed trays around the house, but for the meantime, I hope you got some inspiration and ideas on how to use your own serving trays around your home.  Remember it only takes a bit of styling to create a vignette or prettify a corner.  :)  Your serving trays need not be exclusively kept in the kitchen. :)

I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. You really have an eye for detail Irene... love your pieces...


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