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Monday, December 19, 2011

My Treasured Letters...

Bundle of letters from Papa Ben...

Dear Lord,

As you welcome and receive Papa Ben, please tell him that we already miss him.  I never got the chance to write him back.  Tell him I treasure his letters so dearly, especially the one he wrote me before Ferdie and I got married.  Tell him I am so touched and felt so loved every time I received a letter from him; more so, for the letters he sent Bianca and Raphael and even my parents.  Please hug Papa Ben for me, dear Lord.  And I thank you for you not making him experience pain; he was so peaceful when he left.  Thank you, dear Lord, for keeping him under your wings, giving him your comfort and love.  We are saddened with our loss, but we are also happy to know that he is at peace now...with You. Thank you, dear Lord.


My father-in-law, Papa Ben passed away last Wednesday.  Rest in peace, Papa Ben...
My in-laws visited us while we were posted in Singapore.
With Bianca in a resto in Singapore...(Bianca cried the most!)

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  1. My sincerest Condolences. My dad passed 5 days after new year... sad holiday for us, for me..
    I was most close to him


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