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Monday, December 12, 2011

Xmas Tree decors as centerpiece

Last Saturday, I hosted 10 Juliana's (our home address) first Xmas dinner for 2011.  It was for my girlfriends whom I worked with in the same company before.  Until 4 pm of Saturday, I was looking for an inspiration for the table setting.  I was starting to panic, the guests will be arriving in about two hours and table is not yet made and I still need to prepare pasta and salad!  I wanted it to be glamorous, festive and dramatic but I didn't want to spend for new decors.  

So I went looking around the house and found the black hanging screens  that we sell at i.m.home.  Thought it will be a great anchor for the table setting.  But still, nothing ON the table.  As I was putting out the plates, chargers, etc, I found purple napkins...BANG!  That created the black, gold and purple theme!  And where else can I get purple stuff?  I got lots from my jewel-toned tree!    I got my majestic bird, balls, baubles, beads and mini tree.  I think it turned out nice!  It was glamorous, festive and dramatic! I was happy and I finished just in time :-)

So next time you are setting the table, look around your house first before buying new ones.  Don't be limited with candles and flowers.  Now good luck to me for the balance Xmas dinners!  I hope I don't run out of inspirations!

I would love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. Oh, wow! This is so beautiful! I have a lot more collecting to do before I can set up something like this! :)

  2. Thanks Pat! I'm sure there are stuff around your house worth showcasing on the table! :-)


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