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Monday, November 29, 2010

All About Wreath

One of our favorite family Christmas tradition is making our own Advent wreath.  We are on our fifth year now, and counting.  It's simple to do and a great bonding time for the family.  This is how we made it...
Easy, right?  So if you got inspired with this simple DIY Xmas project, why don't you start gathering your materials and make one for your home.  You can also print the prayer from here

Our wreath from last year
Wreath from Christmas 2008

I've also done a bit of work on our old wreaths to give it a fresher look.
This used to be red and green, now it's blue and gold.  Sits on the dining table.

This wreath holds a big cinnamon candle, decorated with holly and cones.

Rapha's fabric Xmas wreath.  He made this in school when he was in first grade.

Wreath on the main door.

Isn't Christmas just soo exciting!  There's so much to do with the family, and everyone's busy but at the same time, in high spirits!  Enjoy the first week of Advent my dear readers!

I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. what a beautiful tradition! the leaves from your garden look great, i realized they don't even have to be ivy or evergreen. i am insired to keep it going in my family too.....thanks irene!

  2. You should Aurs! We all look forward to Sundays of December. During the lighting of candle, we also express our intentions for the week. We're missing you Antonios!!! :-(

  3. I havnt made a wreath in a long long long time (as I child with my mum and girl guides). Thanks for sharing this I think its a lovely thing to do with your family and I think this weekend thats exactly what I will do xx

  4. Have fun making your wreath Sarah!


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