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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Beginning


Well...this is my very first try at blogging. With all the genius writers and photographers flooding the blog world, I am not sure up to this moment why I created one..??!! But one thing I know, I got inspired by bloggers out there who share a piece or two of the stuff that they enjoy.  That's what I intend to do...share with you the simple, beautiful and inspiring things I come across everyday, hoping you will get a bit inspired too or just simply smile!

The photo above is a vintage tile by annachandlerdesign that I got about three years ago, been sitting on my desk eversince. Isn't it just so pretty? Vintage, floral, paisely, oriental, pink, lime green, brown...these are some of the things i love and it makes me smile everytime i see it!

What are the simple things that make you smile?



  1. go for it Hon! This blog is one of those simple things that make me smile... and fills my heart!

  2. Thanks Hon! I know you will support me no matter how cheesy i can get! hahaha!!!

  3. This is great best friend! I definitely enjoyed it and surely made me SMILE too. Keep it up!!! This is an awesome way to keep me posted what's the latest with you, your family and your community. Though I am thousands of miles away from you, at least I get to reconnect with you through this. I look forward to more interesting blogs. Happy blogging! Jinggay :-)

  4. Jinggay!!! Did you see the post today? I used the lacquered Burmese lunchbox you gave me as part of the table centerpiece. We miss you, Bob and Bea!

  5. Irene, this blog is soooooooo Y-O-U !!!
    You are inspirational, keep it going girlfriend!

  6. Brig!!! OMG! We're kinda dong the same thing! When I read your comment, I asked myself...who is this maidculturist calling me girlfriend?! I'm so happy with your blog my dear. It's very helpful! Haven't browsed on all the tabs though, maybe you can add section on training. Will look forward to your posts!

  7. Hi Irene - lovely to meet you and thanks for coming to visit me today! Such a wonderful world this blog world so I do hope you enjoy your ride! Look forward to keeping in touch. Leanne x


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