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Friday, April 15, 2011

Mama Moment: Missing my Angel Bianca

Yes...another Mama Moment!  All along, I thought my eldest is too old to be missed, but after just one night, I just don't feel right.  I miss my Bianca!  She will be gone for two weeks (left last Wednesday), as part of her school's exchange program with Japan.   Gosh! 12 more days to go....
Practicing her Japanese pose the night before she left.
And since Bianca will be hosted by a Japanese family from the school, we prepared some special gifts for them.  I had to part ways with one of my batik table cloths (for the love of my daughter!) and use it as a wrapper.  With this kind of wrapping, no need for any tape nor glue nor ribbon.  The ends were tied in a knot on top and then made to look like a ribbon.     Sometimes I would use cloth table napkins also, to wrap food items.  Wrapper itself is a gift already!  Pretty clever, don't you think?  I just hope it passed the Japanese art of wrapping (you know how beautiful and meticulous their gift wrapping is!).
Boxes of dried mangoes and polvoron were wrapped in the batik cloth while mother of pearl bangles went inside the abacca bags.

Another gift, this time I wrapped it with tissue and then a panel of abacca was used to envelope the tissue and tied with a satin ribbon.  Simple and elegant!

Inside is a set of table setting for six, composed of placemats, embroidered napkins, capiz coasters and shell napkin holders.

Without Bianca, I guess Casa Insigne will be quiet this weekend.  Have a blessed week ahead, my dear readers!
I would love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. i love your batik wrappers irene!! good luck to bianca, i know she will do you proud in japan, :)


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