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Monday, April 18, 2011


Hello Monday!  Hope you all had a good weekend! Originally wanted to share with you some Easter decor around the house, unfortunately, while copying the photos, I marked them all and stupidly pressed delete! there goes my photos!  Will do another round of shoot later, that is if I am in the mood already. (Really felt bad losing all those photos!)  

Anyways, found the photo above and thought I should not cry over spilled milk, but rather start the week full of LOVE!  Got all the corals while walking on the shores of Anvaya during our last trip, early this month.  I was just looking for a heart-shaped rock, and found the letter V, so I continued searching for more shapes and letters, and was able to spell L-O-V-E!  The E was the hardest to find!  Pretty, right?  

So whether you're off to a road trip, an overseas trip or simply staying at home for the Holy Week, start your Monday right and spread the LOVE!  :-)

I would love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. found the stones walking with me, but of course!

  2. Oh yes Hon! How can I forget to mention... it was a LOVEly walk with my one and only! :-)


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