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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hello dear readers!  From my previous post, I mentioned that I will share with you some exciting stuff going on with me.  And today, I thought would be the perfect day to do it.  With pride and excitement, I share with you my new baby (with my partner and dear friend, Michelle)...
{lamps, mirrors, chairs, and what not!}

Snapshots of our first collection.  We did the shoot at my home.
For those of you who personally know me, you would know that I have a passion (sort of an obsession, actually!) with home decor.  There are just so many nice things around, and if only I can have them all in my house!  And since that is not possible, I have to channel my energy into a project that involves home furnishing.  Few years back, I, together with four other friends put up KAYU, a home furnishing shop.  Unfortunately, after 3 years in the business, my family was posted in Singapore.  But of course, the passion did not go away, so while in Singapore, together with 3 friends, we put up IMAJ...and what else could it be??  You guessed it...another venture on home furnishing!  And now that I'm back in Manila, I am sooo excited to have partnered with a very creative lady who shares my passion.  Together we put up i.m.home.  So check out our FB page and browse through the photos of our first collection.  I hope you will like them as much as we have enjoyed sourcing and designing each piece!

With my partner, Michelle.  Taken during our very first concept development meeting, sometime December 2010.
I would not exchange for anything, the opportunity to have lived in different countries.  I am blessed and privileged.  And now, I am just happy and content to be back in Manila.  I'm glad that finally...i.m.home!

I would love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. Irene, Welcome back.. Missed your blogs..
    Is this Michelle? I love your deocors. I want the yellow lampmbut how can I bring them here:).

  2. Hi Mia! I'm back with blogging. I missed yours too and have started reading other blogs again. Yes, it's Michelle Ong. Which yellow lamp do you like, the short or tall one? Will check on courrier services and see if price is reasonable. Let you know later.

  3. again.. congratulations irene!! i am so proud of you. this is a dream come true i know! i love your items and i cannot wait to get my hands on them.. may i see the green lamp as soon as it is done???

  4. Thank you Aurs! Yes! Yes! You'll be the first one to see the vintage wine bottle lamp! ;-)


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