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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter..err...Mama Moment?

I know it is too late to greet you...but I still want to greet you just the same.  Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you had a peaceful and reflective Holy week, capped with a joyous Easter!  

As much as I would like to share with you what we did and what we saw over the past few days; I cannot make myself compose anything about it, because my mind is preoccupied with my angel Bianca.  She is finally coming home tomorrow!  Yay!  I've been thinking of her the whole day!   Needless to say, I miss her so much!  I counted days, and now hours...hhmm about 15 hours more...

Bianca and Riko (her host sister in Japan) in matching cardigans.
What's my take away with Bianca gone for two weeks?  It affirmed three things.  First, my children are not going to stay with me forever.  They will soon be of age and pursue their dreams on their own.  I hope not too soon please.  Second, my life should not revolve around my children only.  I have a loving husband to take care of and spend the rest of my life (Aren't we wives sometimes guilty of prioritizing our kids over our hubbies?).  And third, I have unchecked items in my bucket list, waiting to be fulfilled.  I am getting at a time.  For the meantime, I will relish and enjoy my kids while they are still in my nest.  

For the moms out there, have you felt this way before or are you over it?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Happy Easter. shes a beautiful girl, 2 weeks must have felt like forever I dont think id cope 2 weeks without my Joe


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