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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Baby is now a Lady

Dear God,

Today, I thank you as we celebrate Bianca's 15th Birthday!  Thank you for blessing us with such a beautiful daughter.    While most teenagers would party, go malling, and ask endlessly for the latest fashion and trends, our little Angel contents herself with hanging out with the family enjoying the simple joys of life.  Ice cream would put a big smile on her face.  A book can keep her company for hours.  Playing with her brother gives her joy.  Her violin, pretty notebooks, journals, multi-colored pens, books, are some of her treasure.  Thank you God, for a daughter who at an early age, has realized and chosen to live a simple life.  She is our little Ms. Sunshine. Never complains, never frowns, and always sensitive to the needs of others.  She continues to spread cheer, joy and love to  the people around her.  Please bless her and keep her safe.

We love you Angel Bianca!

Irene, Ferdie and Rapha

I would love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. Dear Irene,
    I remember 1st time i saw Bianc when she was 4 with her cute round face n friendly smile riding on her little tricycle at d round about in front of our house.Time flies... now she s 15. Ashley will also be 15 at d end of d week. So blessed to have d girl in this 15years. We wish her all d best in her future n let God keep her safe n may her pretty cheerful smile stay with her forever. Miss u all ...Our love to d bday girl n ur fam !

  2. Jen! We miss you and your family too! Please send our warmest regards to Ashley! Come to the Philippines! :-)


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