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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mama Moment

Please allow me to indulge this time as I fondly share with you another pride and joy brought to the family of my son, Raphael.  This morning, he represented his class in the Gr. 4 level interpretative reading.  I was amazed with the talent of the 13 boys who competed.  They all did well, considering that the material they read was only given  10 minutes before the contest proper.  I saw how Rapha enjoyed his reading, maybe that's why he didn't show any sign of nervousness at all.  And of course, I was just praying the whole time!  (hahaha!!)  We were happy that he was chosen to represent his class and even happier and prouder that he won 2nd place!  And as all Ateneans are taught, all the talents that were shared in the competition are given back to God.  Ad Majorem Dei  Gloriam!   
The silver medal with the Certificate of Merit.

The top 3 winners with the judges.

Friends and classmates flock Rapha as they congratulate him after the contest.  They were shouting "Rapha, Rapha, Pizza!  Pizza!"  Silly boys! :-)

Happy Mama!

Proud Papa!

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  1. Wow!!!! I am soooo proud of you Rapha, CONGRATULATIONS!


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