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Friday, July 30, 2010

I Heart Chains, Medals and More!

I heart silver and gold
I heart pearls and crystals
I heart chains and beads
I heart crosses and medals
All these I made with my sweethearts
Aura and Annette

This is another hobby of mine.  Collecting beads, medals and chains, or whatever bits and  pieces that I see pretty.  I miss my friends Aura and Annette, who were partners when we put up a little business of selling these handmade jewelries in Singapore.   To build our inventory, we would source and source... Arab St., Little India, Bras Basah, bazars and even to the farthest churches.  But the fun really starts after... when we get our loot and start to sit and enjoy our laksa, kaya or mee rebus...and chat non-stop until it's time to head home, not wanting the kids to get home before us!  Oh I miss the Singapore life...I miss my dear friends Aura and Annette! 

How about you?  What do you miss these days??



  1. i love our hand-made jewelry irene! we should sit down again and get our stuff are the creative one really, and i am the one who loves the laksa! and i miss you here in singapore...:( can't wait to see you and go around arab street again, this time with a side trip to fun, quirky haji lane where they sell vintage stuff and where we can get hold of the yummiest shawarma ever. soon!!!

  2. So proud of you my dearest friend for starting this blog. You never cease to amaze me. Always coming up with great ideas and nothing stops you from pursuing them.
    Our customers in SIngapore are looking for more jewelry. Let's keep it going!
    Missing you n SIngapore!

  3. Annette and Aura I'll build the inventory and bring the stuff with me when I go to Singapore in Sept! See you soon and thank you for your kind words!


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