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Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Found Joy From An Old Thing

It all started with the Lemony Snicket series.  You know that 13 books on the story of the Baudelaire children?  Bianca, my daughter went through that Snicket phase and was fascinated by the font used in some parts of the book that reveals clues and instructions.  That's when she started asking for a typewriter!  But who uses typewriter in this time and age?  Should I scour Bangkal to give in to Bianca's fancy??  But lo and mom kept my typewriter and now that we're back in Manila, I got it and it's the new toy in the house!   My kids love the manual operation and can't get over with the dual color ribbon, the sound of the keys, and of course, Rapha's favorite is the repeat spacer that brings him to the right side of the paper faster, plus, it sounds like a gun! 

My kids have simple joys, and this is one of them...appreciating old stuff in the modern world!  As Bianca said, this is one of the most amazing inventions!  It was a whole new experience for them to actually use, feel and listen to the nostalgic sound of the typewriter!  We do not have the techie games that kids play these days like xbox, DS, PS, etc.. but hey... we have an authentic typewriter!  And it brought joy to my two angels!  And that's what matters.

Thank you Mama for keeping my typewriter all these years...about 25 years, right?

Tomorrow, I will share with you some of the new jewelries I made.  Watch out for it!



  1. irene, your blog brought tears to my eyes, i had one of those typewriters myself! my parents got it for me in high school and i remember how they had to save for it at that time...i wonder where it is now? i wish my own girls can use it too... when i visited my mom this summer, i got a hold of her old "maleta"---hard-case, tan leather---and i took it home to singapore to put it in my bianca's room. it fits her decor and she loves it! imagine how my mom used that maleta more than 50 years ago when she went to college in manila... and now it sits proudly in bianca's room thousands of miles away!

  2. Aww..Send me photos Aurs! I thought of the times i spent with my typewriter too while i was doing this post. All the sleepless nights finishing my thesis!! Memories worth sharing to our kids..stuff that warms the heart!

  3. ahay! i have been thinking of getting a typewriter too! galing naman ni tita for keeping yours, ate irene!

  4. Anna, you can borrow anytime. Rapha and Bianca would love to share it with Laz!


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