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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My (Little) Prince Charming

I've noticed of late, I have not been blogging on Mondays.  I always have a weekend hangover and it would take me the whole Monday (sometimes 'til Tuesday!) to get back to the groove.  Anyways, I have this post in draft for the longest time and thought today would be a good day to share with you one of my family's (minus the hubby!) all time favorite book! I'm sure most of you have read or at least heard of THE LITTLE PRINCE by Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

We actually own three versions of this book.  The first one is a mini board book which I bought for Bianca when she was 5 years old. (Then passed on to Rapha.)  It does not really tell the whole story, but sort of an introduction of the characters.  It's a set of 4 mini board books with beautiful illustrations that will definitely catch the attention of toddlers. (Yes, this is recommended, for kids as young as 3 years old.)  This is a great set if you want your children to start knowing and liking The Little Prince!

And when my kids turn 9 years old, I let them read the full text version.  (To initiate, I read the first few chapters to them.)  I knew they will not understand it the first time, but it's ok, (because I didn't also..haha!) at least they were already familiar with the characters from the board book so it was an easier shift to the "real" thing.   

And here is our newest copy.  My most favorite of them all!  TADAAA!!!!  Meet The Little Prince in POP-UP VERSION!!  The moment Bianca and I saw it, we didn't let go of it and we inspected each copy to make sure each page is in perfect condition.   Another good thing about this version is, it is UNABRIDGED!  You will not lose interest reading this version because of the wonderfully created pages.  The beautiful illustrations plus the carefully-made cut-outs bring the story to a higher level of enjoyment! 

Here are more of the pop-up pages that are so impressive!  Each page has a unique cut work.  Some would require you to flip, pull, slide, dial or simply turn the page and wait for  "boababs" to pop up!  Kudos to the paper engineers!
the majestic little prince

the boababs

the flower (rose)

the high mountains

the little prince's planet

the little prince raking one of his 3 volcanoes

This is the type of book you would want to read over and over again and a must have in your home library.  The story is profound, especially for young children, but you get a dose of wisdom on life and love through the eyes of the little prince...What are you waiting for?  I hope my little prince has worked his charm on you.  Grab yourself a copy now, if you don't have one yet. :-)

The Little Prince deluxe pop-up book (unabridged text)
is available at Fully Booked, Fort Global City and

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. irene, i love the little prince too, thanks for reminding me to share it with my kids!! (as soon as i find my copy somewhere...:))

  2. Aurs I can get you a copy next time I go to Fully Booked Fort!

  3. ohhhhh! irene! i want one for myself, too! :) my sister and i love the little prince, i also have a copy of the old movie! thanks for sharing!


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