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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kitchen Buddy....the Steam Gourmet

Steamed salmon, carrots and broccoli with Japanese sprinkles for the rice.

Are you like me who still send "baon" to school?  My kids are actually big already and can manage to buy their lunch from the school cafeteria but they both like home cooked food and "Mama's cooking."  So no choice but to wake up early and prepare lunch for them.  Of course I only want the healthiest and  as much as possible, visually appealing because I know it's not hot anymore by lunch time, so at least it should still look yummy for the kids.  

Steamed salmon, broccoli and carrots with a wedge of lemon.  How does that sound to you?  Sounds gourmet right?  This is one of the easiest lunch set I make for the kids.  And it only takes 20 mins to prepare, including chopping of veggies.  Thanks to my kitchen buddy, the Steam Gourmet!  (Sounds like an ad?  :) )

The bottom part is where I cook the fish and the upper layer is for the veggies.  Thanks to my late father-in-law who gifted my son (our little Chef) with this ever reliable steamer.  Now every morning is a breeze! :)  How about you mommies out there?  Any tips on making easy lunch for kids?  

*  Steam Gourmet is available at Home TV Shopping.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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