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Saturday, January 7, 2012

happy new year, happy new me!

Nope, that's not me...but that's how I want to look like when I'm cooking healthier meals in 2012.  So fab, isn't she?  I've never seriously gone to a diet, and my very own family is starting to notice (or maybe they just never got the nerves to tell me before!) all the bulges brought by my love of sweets and chips (perfect combo, right?).  So hopefully, if I publicly announce my intention of losing weight and inches, I'll be more pressured and committed to do just that.  Wish me luck, I hope I can get myself a little black backless dress like this in the next few months!

And another resolution is to print more family photos.  My daughter is always complaining that we don't have enough printed photos around the house.   So my console table should be filled up with our photos soon, just like below.

Or how about investing on a polaroid??

So whether its' going to happen or not, however cliche resolutions are, it's still nice to have one and look into the new year hoping to make ourselves a better person.  So don't hesitate, make a resolution and tell me about it!  Good luck to us!  All the best in 2012!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Go Go Go, Irene! You can do it:-) am cheering from BKK!!


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