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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hello!  Are you still there?  It's been a looong time!  What have you been up to?  As for me, been busy with i.m.home  and there's another one coming up but I can't reveal just yet.    Anyways, I missed blogging, and surfing the blogland.  I have not read my favorites for quite sometime now! But the urge to write kicked in, as soon as I received my new book!  Yay!  Thank you Amazon!  I've been patiently waiting!

DECORATE is co-written by Holly Becker of Decor8.  She is my all-time favorite blogger and  her blog was actually one of my inspiration in coming up with my own.  I admire her passion for design and blogging.  She writes in a way that is so casual and yet, inspiring and motivating for  (relatively) new bloggers like me.  I wonder where she gets her energy as she travels around the world, and yet is able to make her blog so personal.  She is an amazing lady!  So in case you haven't checked her blog, which may not be the case because Decor8 is super popular, please drop by and be inspired with her posts!  And be sure to check on her book too!

Decorate is fully packed with photos that will make you swoon and for sure, you will be itching to start fixing an area or two in your own homes!  I love that the authors included floor plans of the featured area, which is very helpful in visualizing the layout of the featured space.  I've finished browsing the whole book and now I will go back to the first page and devour every page, making sure I don't miss any detail.  This is a must have book for people who love to decorate.  And one last thing why I adore this's very real, it speaks to you and make you think of the pieces, small treasure, souvenirs, etc,  that you already have and how to create vignettes that will give warmth and soul to your space.  All the featured homes have their own personality and are actually "lived-in", unlike some decorating books that contain perfectly done, made-up spaces that seem to tell you "I'm all for show..."  So don't delay anymore, get a copy of DECORATE now and be a fan!

And if you got a copy already, which part of the book is your favorite?  Tell me about it.  Mine is the section on Attention to Details.  Those small details really make the difference!   I would love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. So nice to see you're back!

  2. Thank you May! I do hope I'm really back! HAHA!!


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