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Friday, February 24, 2012

Late Lunch and Valentine

This is my lunch today.  Took it quite late at 230 pm.  (Was too full to eat earlier because I had a hefty breakfast with my new found friend... Ingrid :)) I actually had leftovers...leftover pasta salad that my son Rapha prepared for dinner last night, i threw  in slices of lotus root (those round thingy with holes on top of salad) and a few slices of melon.  And I was happy to discover that I still have a couple of SPY wine cooler in the ref!  Have you tried it?  I usually buy that in the Thai stores in Singapore when I was still living there.   And I was just so happy to have found them at Rustans!  You should try it...comes in three flavors, rose (above), white and red wine.  It's light and goes well with pasta,   salad or anything spicy! :)

I know Valentine is over but I just love this song...and I'm sure you wouldn't mind listening to it..again and again...Everyday can be Valentine, right?  ;-)  Enjoy and happy weekend!

I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. i love spy too!! have to remember to get some of it :)

  2. Aurs! I miss our trips to Golden Landmark for a quick fix of Thai meals!


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